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You're in the right place.

All of the above {+ the satisfaction that all of your plans came together?}

Calm, relaxed and excited to fully enjoy your day?

Eager to celebrate this milestone surrounded by your favorite people?

Grateful for every {seemingly small} moment that brought you and your partner together?

Question: How do you want to feel on your wedding day?



BUT, it's not uncommon to get so caught up in the planning minutiae
that you forget why we're here to begin with.

With empathy, expertise, guidance, and vision—
I can help. With all of the above.  

When it comes to your wedding, timing, logistics, and details are crucial to a well-run day. 

Having someone who has your best interests at heart and is an extension of you is the key to relaxing and enjoying your day. I bring a positive and drama-free energy to your planning experience and day. ​​​​​And will act as an impartial advocate for you  and your choices. So, consider me your friendly "permission giver" and a safe space when you start feeling the pressure. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

a trusted ally


My job is really about clearing the barriers that inevitably arise so that each of your vendors can do their best work. ​​​​​​​For 12 years, I worked on the venue side of events for W Hotels and Longwood Venues & Destinations. So, I not only have a thorough understanding of food and beverage and operations, but I can walk into a space and know exactly where to set things up to ensure the best flow. And because I've worked with hundreds of florists, photographers, DJs, and bands, I'm an expert at uniting and connecting all of the elements and personalities involved in a wedding day.

an industry expert

+ Jessica

“Kind, calm, cool, collected, and SUPER prepared - everything you could want in a planner. Sarah also helped calm me (a nervous bride) day of, and handled countless mini fires behind the scenes such that I never even knew they were happening until told by my groom after.”

Sarah was amazing!

In addition to managing the day itself, I work 50-100 hours leading up to it. I'll get to know you, your vision, and your needs. Then design, organize, and strategize how to bring that vision to life. By the time your wedding day arrives, I'll know your plans as well as you. So you can let go and enjoy all of your hard work... with your favorite people.

a planner with vision


Want a little more peace in your life?

In addition to my event experience, I'm also an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. As an advocate for health and wellness, I care deeply about your mental state throughout this process. So, I give you strategies and encouragement for boundary setting and expectation management. And provide professional guidance for improved nutrition, sleep, and self-care—offering you wellness habits that support you through the excitement of wedding planning. And beyond. 

a self-care guide

+ Ashley

“Even though I was a very type A and organized bride, my concern that I was missing something led me to Sarah as my wedding coordinator. It was the best decision I could have made. She will ease your nerves and make you feel so much better about your wedding going off without a hitch.”

It was the best decision I could have made.

+ My husband is my BFF.

+ I'm so not a tradition person.

I’ve lived in NYC, NJ, Chicago, DC, and Boston.⁣⁣ Most of the relocations were for work... one was for love! I finally found my place and settled down {thankfully, that one for love proved to be totally worth it}.

+ I've moved around (a lot)!

+ My husband is my BFF.

Before planning my own wedding, I learned a LOT from planning clients' weddings. ⁣⁣As a result, I made some less traditional choices. Like... we got married on a Monday afternoon.⁣ There was no wedding party.⁣ We stayed together the night before. And I planned it in about three months. We did anything we wanted to on our wedding day - and I encourage you to do the same!

+ I'm so not a tradition person.

+ I've moved around (a lot)!

In 2015, my husband and I spent three months traveling from Tokyo to Madrid. We had been married for a little less than two years at the time. That trip added ten years to our marriage (in the best way possible). Reminder: ⁣⁣Love and encourage each other. And ENJOY this time in your lives! ⁣⁣

+ My husband is my BFF.

+ I'm so not a tradition person.

+ I've moved around (a lot)!

I'll go first.

Let's Get

Let's Get Personal

+ Katie

“She was fast-acting in her decision-making, and I knew she made decisions with my best interest in mind. Truly to this day my husband jokes that no one can bring as much peace and calmness to me more than Sarah!”

Sarah was a true lifesaver.